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Palm Moses Basket Mattress

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Kinder Valley Palm Moses Basket Mattress

More about the Palm Moses Basket Mattress

  • A durable, breathable mattress to regulate temperature.
  • Water-resistant cover that is removable & washable.
  • Fits Kinder Valley Palm Moses Baskets
  • Supports your little one

We are introducing our premium nursery mattress designed for the utmost comfort and support for your little one. Crafted with a specialized nursery-grade, high-density poly-fibre insert, this mattress ensures optimal posture support for both newborns and toddlers. The high-density polyester pad facilitates effective heat dissipation, minimizing sweating and creating a cosy sleep environment for your baby.

Encased in a breathable, water-repellent anti-allergenic cover, this mattress provides a hygienic and safe sleep surface. The removable covers allow easy cleaning, ensuring your baby’s sleep space stays fresh and pristine. Our mattress is specifically tailored for Wicker Moses Baskets, making it a perfect fit for your nursery.

Invest in the best for your baby’s comfort and well-being. Explore the quality and care embedded in every detail of our nursery mattress – where peaceful nights and happy mornings begin.