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White Wish Upon A Star Palm Moses Basket
White Wish Upon A Star Palm Moses Basket
White Wish Upon A Star Palm Moses Basket
White Wish Upon A Star Palm Moses Basket

Product Information

  • Handmade Palm Moses Basket
  • Natural palm woven handles
  • Bedding features embroidered design
  • Washable bedding set
  • Breathable and water resistant mattress
  • Adjustable hood
  • Fits all of our Moses Basket stands
  • Stand not included


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White Wish Upon A Star Palm Moses Basket

Suitable from newborn, this handmade palm Moses basket is the perfect baby bed for your little one and will send them to sleep in next to no time.

This palm Moses basket features a high quality embroidered star design which will be a great edition for any household or nursery. The bedding set and padded quilt are made from our luxury easy-care polycotton fabric and the basket has a full body surround for added protection and comfort. This basket also includes a comfortable mattress that you can be certain your baby will sleep peacefully at night on.

The baby Moses basket also has an adjustable hood, perfect to create a cosy sleeping space for your precious little one. The hood can be adjusted and tightened using the fasteners on either side. The mattress is water resistant and breathable allowing easy air movement and heat dissipation around your baby's body keeping them cosy all night long. The mattress cover and Moses basket bedding are also washable, just in case of any accidents. Our hand-woven Moses basket will ensure safe and sound sleeping for you and your infant.

Conforms to BS EN 1466: 2014
REACH Compliant

We understand that the safety of your baby is paramount, that's why we test all of our baby Moses baskets and nursery furniture to ensure they meet the strictest of safety procedures.

Stand not included.

  • Maximum weight of child: 9kg.
  • If the Moses basket is intended to be used with a stand, check that the dimensions of the latter correspond to those of the carry cot base.
  • Use only on a firm flat surface.
  • Do not let other children play near the Moses basket.
  • Do not use if any part is broken, torn or damaged.
  • Use only replacement parts approved by Kinder Valley.
  • Be aware of the risk of open fire and other source of strong heat, such as bar fires, gas fires etc. in the near vicinity of the Moses basket.
  • The base, handles and their attachments should be inspected regularly for signs of damage and wear.
  • Warning: Regularly check the hood attachments are secure, particularly after cleaning. This is a natural product and may be affected by extremely dry or humid temperatures. Store away from direct heat.
  • This product should not be used as a carrycot. Under no circumstances should you carry your baby in the Moses Basket. Handles are for easy portability of the Moses Basket only.

Product Information

Colour White
Accessories included Quilt and Mattress
Additional Features Adjustable hood
Assembly required? No
Dimensions W47cm x L86cm x H30cm* *sizes may vary
Base Dimensions Base size: W30cm x L75cm
Product Weight 2.3kg
Warranty 6 Months
Material Polycotton
Product Type Palm Moses Basket
Stand Supplied No
Age suitable to use From birth 6 months or up to 9kg



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