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9ft Caterpillow Grey

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This Kinder Valley Maternity Pillow is the perfect pillow to help you get comfortable in bed and when relaxing around the house. The pillow can be manipulated into any position to help take away your aches and pains

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Maternity Sleep Pillow

Never leave a child unsupervised with the Pillow

More about the 9ft Caterpillow Grey

  • Provides 5-point support in the pelvis, lower back, abdomen, knees and ankles
  • With five uses in one, it's there whether you need it for sleeping, resting, bottle-feeding, breast-feeding or just a little more comfort when you need it most
  • The removable, washable cover means it's never been easier to keep it clean,

The Kinder Valley Frey 9ft Caterpillow is perfect to use as a body pillow whilst pregnant, and also a feeding aid for when your baby arrives. It can be used in various positions to help take away those aches and pains during pregnancy, to help support bump, back and knees and help you to get into that comfortable position. Research shows that whilst pregnant, sleeping on your left side is best for your baby, because it helps the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta. It also helps your kidneys to get rid of waste products and fluids from your body. Our specially shaped 9ft Caterpillow is made to curve nicely around your neck, and allow you to sleep comfortably on your left hand side; as it comes down the side position, its thinner, to allow your bump to rest on the pillow, taking strain away from your back.

The pillow then gets wider and thicker, as it is recommended to sleep with 2 or more pillows between your bent knees, to take pressure away from the muscles around your hips and pelvis. During the day time, the pillow can be used whilst sitting/relaxing and place under your legs, keeping them slightly raised, which will help to reduce swelling in your ankles and feet. It can also be rolled up and used as a feeding aid when your baby arrives, and also as a sitting aid/for tummy time when your baby grows. It comes with a lovely silver star pattern cover, which can be removed and machine washed.


Easy Assembly

Conforms to British Standards

Assembly required? No
Product Height 14
Product Length 50
Product Width 50
Product Weight 1.6
Warranty 6 months
Material Polycotton, Polyfibre
Product Type Maternity Pillow
Stand Supplied No
Age suitable to use Newborn
Product Code 20035


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